September 8th - September 30, 2017

                                                                                                     September 8th - September 30, 2017

 Piece of My Heart is an example of relevant art in the Trump Era. The play allows us to explore the complexity of war, and what it means to be a woman serving your country and what it means for your country to serve you -or- not serve you in return. The play is relevant to now. A divided nation, more troops going into Afghanistan, discrimination in the military - all amidst a high level of uncertainty with North Korea.

Steele, my character in Piece of My Heart is strong and intelligent. She knows racism not only exists in the military but in the country she serves, America. And she chooses to fight anyway to save American lives. Steele is resilient, a trait that black women have carried on their backs for centuries; Steele represents both the struggle and the pride of being a black woman fighting for her country.

A Piece of My Heart by Shirley Lauro Is based on true stories explored in the book with the same name by Keith Walker, A Piece of My Heart follows six young military & civilian women who serve their country in Vietnam.  Spanning twenty years, their true stories call up a tumultuous era that changed America and them forever. A powerful, heartfelt play with striking resonance to issues of today. 

IATI Theater
64 E. 4th Street, New York, NY